The Attractions Technology Lab
Hosted AT Oceaneering Orlando

The Attractions Technology Lab

november 10, 13-17

Location: Oceaneering  (Horizon Park location)
8046 Horizon Park Drive Orlando, FL 32809
**BUILDING 2 (At the back of the parking lot)***

  • Registration opening soon for the Latest Labs
  • Manufacturer training available
  • Lunch provided on special dates
  • No cost to attend
Attractions Technology Lab

What is the Attractions Technology Lab?

Experience a complete installation – without an opening deadline! Our partners are coming together to create a new approach to trade-shows.

The Attractions Technology Lab is designed to be an intimate, cohesive, hands-on, (fun!) case-study approach vs. the traditional stand-alone trade show booth concept.

Each Lab recreates a technical mockup of a complete attraction. In June, we will reboot our November Lab that features a unique “behind the scenes” Dark Ride Experience on a trackless ride vehicle. Our goal is to make the system as technically complete as possible, including all subsystem components. Engineers from each manufacturer will be there working together to answer technical questions and provide additional training.



Past Dark Ride Lab Events