The Attractions Technology Lab
Hosted AT Oceaneering Orlando
Joining together to deliver

cohesive technologies in attraction design

The Attractions Technology Lab

all new labs Nov 10, 13-17

Immerse yourself in the behind-the-scenes of attraction technology, without the pressure of opening deadlines!

The Attractions Technology Lab offers a unique and hands-on experience, setting it apart from traditional trade shows. Each Lab serves as a technical mockup of a complete attraction. If you missed our last event, mark your calendar for November 10th, 13th-17th, as we’re unveiling new Labs with cutting-edge technology. The event will be hosted at Oceaneering and will follow an open-house style. This year, Quince Imaging joined the team to deliver the element of story set around all new content uniquely created for this event.

Our aim is to present a technically comprehensive system, complete with all subsystem components.  Gain exclusive insights and join us in shaping the future of technology in attractions.

The Attractions Technology Labs are brought to you by Quince Imaging, with Technical Direction provided by 4Wall Entertainment, in partnership with the companies of the Attractions Technology Collaborative.


The Partners of the Attractions Technology Collaborative